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Steel Horses, Iron Will -- Characters
Tales from the 'The Gathering'.

More character images coming soon (Hey! We're still gettin' started!)

Seeker: The bartender and owner of The Gathering. Seeker knows absolutely everything but doesn't say much. Those that know him know to listen up when he speaks. Nothing happens at The Gathering that Seeker doesn't know about.



Felicity has some...interesting...attributes. It is characteristic of The Gathering that although she is impossible not to notice, most instantly accept her for what she is. Cute, tough as nails, and sexy as hell, she is a complete flirt...and when the occasion calls for it, much more. Felicity is the hostess for the pub and can serve anything from hard liquor for hardened, weary travelers to ice cream sundaes for the kids with equal enthusiasm.

Dragon: Runs the service station and shop. Can fix anything for anybody. Like all here, Dragon has depths that are best explored very carefully...if at all. Dragon and Seeker are brothers in all but blood.

Damini: Dragon's girl. Stormy past. She was once a God, maybe still is. Don't piss off her friends. Her either for that matter.

Sen: A diminutive dynamo of indeterminate age, she runs the motel and hotel functions of The Gathering with an efficiency unrivaled anywhere in the world. Sen will know what you need long before you do.

Isis: A frequent visitor to The Gathering. Good to have on your side. Her specialty Yeah, construction. That's it.

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