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Steel Horses, Iron Will -- Synopsis
Tales from the 'The Gathering'.

There is a place on the road of life where travelers are truly welcome. A soothing pool of light along the sometimes frightening, chaotic, and lonely road, this comforting place is run by a breed apart. They have been everywhere and seen it all...much more than they ever dreamed of...and for some of them...more than they ever desired.

Food, shelter, repairs, companionship, and other, less obvious services can be had for a fair shake, and if the traveler is in need, sometimes for no shake at all. Whether itís a simple pit stop or something far beyond, for the genuine soul--regardless of its origin or burden--sanctuary can be found here.

This oasis from the storms is called The Gathering, and it is truly unique. Its defining characteristic is simply that although it is not on any map and is nearly impossible to find, somehow those that need to, always manage to make their way here.

The Gathering and its inhabitants are everything the traveler could need, and at the same time, nothing the traveler would ever expect...

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